Zirconia Sintering Furnace Fast Sintering Professional Medical Devices for CAM CAD 1
Zirconia Sintering Furnace Fast Sintering Professional Medical Devices for CAM CAD 1

Zirconia Sintering Furnace Fast Sintering Professional Medical Devices for CAM CAD

The high-temperature speed sintering furnace Turbo Fire was developed for the speed sintering of 1 - 3 single crowns made of translucent zirconium oxide up to a maximum temperature of 1700 °C. The entire sintering process can be completed within one hour. The furnace ideally suited for chairside production at the dentist or for urgent jobs in the dental laboratory.


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    Product Description

    Its unique features, such as, human friendly and innovative design,  reasonable structure, senior quality,  etc make it popular not only in the denture processing industry but in other high temperature metallurgy powder sintering field. The furnace chamber is made of high purity light alumina fiber, which ensures it is perfect insulation and is environment friendly. The operating interface is 5 inches LCD touch panel, graphic display and easy operation. Advance PID digital temperature control keep the temperature up to ±1℃. Strict inspection and debugging before delivery keep the zirconia denture crown sintering process uniform and penetrating.


    • Temperatureaccuracy:±1℃
    • Touch panelsize:5inches
    • Power supply: AC220V50Hz(If requiring customized products, please tell us when placing an order)
    • Totalpower:2KW
    • Max temperature:1700℃
    • Workingtemperature:≤1650℃
    • Recommend heating rate:≤10/min
    • Inside chambersize:Ø120X120mm
    • Outerdimension:W360×D500×H820mm
    • Net weight:about70KG


    The Porcelain Furnace is perfect for a range of applications that require high-temperature sintering. Its main use is in the denture processing industry, where it is used for the sintering of zirconia denture crowns. However, it can also be used in other fields that require high-temperature metallurgy powder sintering.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Q: What is the maximum operating temperature?

    A: The maximum operating temperature is 1700℃, but we recommend a working temperature of 1650℃ or less.

    Q: What is the heating rate?

    A: We recommend a heating rate of 10/min or less.

    Q: What are the power requirements?

    A: The furnace requires an AC power supply of 220V 50Hz. If you require a customized product, please let us know when placing an order.

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