Orthodontic treatment is a process of correcting misaligned or crooked teeth and occlusions, which involves several steps, and the duration may vary depending on the patient's specific needs and individual issues. Globaldentex provides a series of services for orthodontic workflows, the data needed is collected for analysis and planning, and then promote the creation of products of high quality and esthetics. And generally the orthodontics treatments cover various procedures.

Data Collection
Usually the data is collected for skeletal and aesthetic analyses to achieve expected  results, which is considered as an important part of orthodontic treatment planning.

When digital impressions are captured by our intraoral scanner, the data will be available for next step.
Data analysis
After the data collection, data analysis is done to examine the patient's teeth, jaw, and overall oral health, so that the orthodontist will provide the patient with a detailed treatment plan.
Formation of the Treatment Plan
The software module plans the aligner treatment, normally the treatment plan will take into account various factors, including the severity of the issue, the patient's age, and their overall oral health. And then, the best type of braces or appliances based on the patient's specific needs will be recommended and confirmed.
Manufacturing and Replacement
After automatically creating a series of transition models, they are sent to 3D printer for printing. The aligners were then produced using durable thermoplastic material  over the transition models, after that, attaching brackets to the teeth and connecting them with wires that apply gentle pressure to gradually move the teeth into the desired position. Usually the brackets can be made from metal, ceramic, or plastic, and they are attached using a special adhesive that is safe for the teeth.
Adjustment and Monitoring
The patient will need to visit the orthodontist regularly for adjustments to keep the teeth moving in the right direction.

The orthodontist will also monitor the patient's condition and make any needed changes to ensure the best possible outcome.
With the help of our digital technology, clinicians can plan and complete the entire aligner treatment independently. Once finished, the patients will get the highly appreciated final result.
In conclusion, so far we have made great achievements in orthodontics. Our intraoral scanner can capture digital impressions while at the same time comfort the patients. And our software offers a range of resources that promote patient involvement, aid in creating personalized treatment plans, and employ virtual simulation technology for visualizing potential treatment outcomes.
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