Globaldentex's comprehensive solution for implantology seamlessly combines all the necessary tools for a fully digitized implant workflow to achieve precise, efficient and predictable results through our software platform. 

Intraoral scanning
Our device - intraoral scanner, works to capture intraoral digital impressions through obtaining precise and efficient 3D models of the hard and soft tissue surfaces in the mouth,

Which offers additional information into bone grafting and upcoming implant procedures, so as to achieve implant cases with relative ease.
CAD Design
After that, we use digital CAD software to design a prosthetically-driven implant crown that is accurately aligned with the patient's occlusion and esthetics,

Which is efficient to use and the implant crown can be customized to fit the exact specifications of the patient's mouth to ensure a comfortable and long-lasting restoration.
CAM Programming
CAM programming plays an important role in analysis and treatment planning, once the designed model is finished, the CAM programming converts the design to machine code so as to program the milling machine such as feed rate, spindle speed, and tool path.
Grinding and Manufacturing
After planning the implant, our grinder is used to grinding the one based on different needs to create a finished product of high quality and esthetics.
Sintering and glazing
By the use of firing furnace, durable dental implants can be created. And after glazing, the products will be more strong, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. 
Finally, the finished products will be implanted to the patients for treatment.
In a world, a complete implant case includes a series of procedures, and we provide  a unified solution that helps us better achieve goals.
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