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Medical Equipment Professional Digital Intraoral Scanner 1
Medical Equipment Professional Digital Intraoral Scanner 2
Medical Equipment Professional Digital Intraoral Scanner 3
Medical Equipment Professional Digital Intraoral Scanner 4
Medical Equipment Professional Digital Intraoral Scanner 5

Medical Equipment Professional Digital Intraoral Scanner

A digital intraoral scanner is a device utilized in dentistry to generate digital, 3D visualizations of a patient's oral cavity. This encompasses the teeth, gum tissue, and other structures within the mouth. This technology offers a range of advantages for both dentists and patients. Intraoral scanners serve multiple purposes, including the creation of virtual models for orthodontic treatment, planning for dental implants, designing crowns and bridges, and more. They can also be employed to monitor a patient's oral health over time and detect any changes that may occur. These digital representations provide dentists with a more comprehensive understanding of their patients' oral conditions, enabling them to make more informed decisions regarding treatment options.


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    Digital intraoral scanning has revolutionized dentistry, providing dentists with an efficient and precise tool for visualizing a patient's mouth in 3D. This technology has numerous benefits for both dentists and patients.

    For dentists, intraoral scanners offer a more accurate and detailed representation of the oral cavity, enhancing their ability to diagnose and treat dental issues. These scanners produce highly accurate 3D images, allowing dentists to identify subtle changes and abnormalities that may not be visible with traditional methods. This precision can lead to earlier detection of problems, such as tooth decay or gum disease, enabling dentists to provide more effective treatment and better overall patient care


    ● Real-time access to digital impressions

    Based on a thorough observation and knowledge of the oral endoscopy usage scenario of oral users, the new-designed product optimizes the hardware architecture and software algorithms for faster scanning, which provides more reliable and valid data results for chair-side digital reception given processes.

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    Quick scanning
    The scanning speed of the intraoral scanner can reach 20 Fps.
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    Optimized accuracy
    The optimized hardware architecture and software algorithms provide accuracy of ≤ 0.05mm in one jaw, and the realistic and clear data can fully meet the needs of a wide range of clinical applications such as implant, orthodontic and prosthetic.
    Increased scanning depth
    The scanning depth of the intraoral scanner can reach 22mm³, which can be perfectly used in a wide range of clinical scenarios such as scanning rods and periodontal scanning.

    ● Quick start in use

    The product has powerful intelligent processing of data, therefore, the users can get started quickly and take accurate digital impressions of patients' oral cavity, which enables a high level of productivity.

    NEW UI: Cleaner and more interactive interface, scanning path indicator window is added to achieve a fast and efficient oral endoscopy.

    Smart scanning: The device can intelligently identify and reject stray data to acquire clearer and more accurate results timely. 

    One-button physical remote control: The equipment supports dual modes of one-touch control and body control, so that the users can achieve operation without touching the computer.

    ● Clinical toolkit

    Our intraoral scanner helps to check the port scanning data timely, so as to improve the quality of dental preparation as well as the effectiveness of CAD design and digital production.

    Detection of inverted concavities

    Detecting the bite

    Extracting the edge line

    Adjusting the coordinates

    ● User-friendliness and intuitive interaction

    Our device also integrates rich communication tools for doctors and patients, so that the patients can be more aware of their oral health, which helps to improve the motivation and satisfaction of them and the valuable time of users can be spent in more value-adding activities, so that providing clear and motivating dialogue with patients.

    Integrated oral scanning and printing: Integrated AccuDesign model editing tools support a series of operations such as quick seal, design, overflow holes and so on; the doctors can directly print the intra-oral data of patients for better communication.

    Oral Health Screening Report: Help the doctors quickly output report, which includes the conditions of patients such as dental caries,calculus, pigmentation, as well as the professional advice of the doctors, which can be checked for mobile access.

    Orthodontic simulation: The device provides AI recognition, automatic tooth alignment and rapid orthodontic simulation, which allows patients to preview the orthodontic results.

    ● Oral examination

    The health screening reports is based on visualization of 3D models, therefore, the patients can be more aware of their oral health and strictly follow medical instructions.

    ● Direct connection between users and technical factory for better interaction

    Thanks to the all-digital 3D cloud platform, users can achieve complementary and friendly collaboration with technical factory to further improve the efficiency of denture-making


    Recommended configuration for PC


    Intel Core i7-8700 and higher


    16GB and above

    Hard Disk Drive

    256 GB solid state drive SSD and above


    NVIDIA RTX 2060 6GB and above

    Operation System

    Windows 10 professional (64 bit) and above

    Monitor Resolution

    1920x1080, 60 Hz and above

    Input & Output Ports

    More than 2 type A USB 3.0 (or higher) ports

    Here is the parameter of the intraoral scanner

    Scanning Field

    standard scanner tip: 16*12*22mm

    mini scanner tip: 12*9*22mm

    Scanning Depth

    -2mm to 20mm from exit surface tip

    Size (L × W × H)

    281 mm × 33 mm × 46 mm


    240 ± 10 g (without cables)

    Connecting Cable

    USB 3.0


    12V DC/3 A



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    Dental Implants

    Through the intraoral scanner, the users can get specific data of their patients, which is helpful to implant planning, the design of the guide plate, instant chairside planting and temporization.

    Tooth Restoration

    The device supports intraoral data collection for all types of restorative cases, including inlays, crown and bridge, veneers and so on, to achieve efficient restoration and improve the patient experience from multiple dimensions such as time, aesthetics and functionality.

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    After collecting intraoral data from patients, the users can make patients to visualize the results of tooth removal through orthodontic simulation function, which significantly improves the efficiency of doctor-patient communication.

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