Dental Equipment 3D Dental Printer Lab Crown All Models 1
Dental Equipment 3D Dental Printer Lab Crown All Models 2
Dental Equipment 3D Dental Printer Lab Crown All Models 1
Dental Equipment 3D Dental Printer Lab Crown All Models 2

Dental Equipment 3D Dental Printer Lab Crown All Models

3D printing is quickly becoming a definitive way to set practices apart, helping facilitate faster and more expansive treatment options. And now, thanks to advancements in dental 3D printing materials and resins, clinicians can fabricate a wide range of dental restorations in-house, from 3D printed night guards and clear aligners to surgical guides and digital dentures — helping to broaden service offerings, simplify workflows and maximize return on investment. Whether you're manufacturing diagnostic wax-ups or crafting custom oral appliances, browse our extensive selection of dental 3D printers today in a range of innovative technologies — including Stereolithography (SLA) and Digital Light Processing (DLP) — from brands such as SprintRay, Ackuretta, Desktop Health and more


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    Our developed in-house 3D printer enables dental professionals to create custom-designed dental products easily. Our competitive product with more than 90% light uniformity is designed to improve accuracy, while the integration of an AI core brain and sophisticated algorithms greatly enhances printing efficiency to perfectly meet the needs. 



    Competitive:An innovative light source brings higher than 90% light uniformity to improve accuracy and delicate outcome.

    Intelligent:AI core brain with advanced algorithms considerably improves printing efficiency, which help to print out satisfying works easily.

    Professional: Specialized in dental and full dental applications are supported. 

    Build volume

    144 * 81 * 190 mm


    Pixel size

    75 µm


    Low Force Peeling DLP Technology

    Dynamic layer


    thickness 0.025~0.1mm


    Printing speed

    Up to 40mm (1.5 inches) / 1 hour ( Depending on the resin type and slicer settings )


    Available materials


    Basic/Functional/Advanced /Dental Series


    Material packaging

    1 kg

    Light source

    LED light sourceTexas Instruments DMD chip





    1920 × 1080 pixels

    Door control

    Printing will be paused automatically if the

    cover is opened(Optional)

    Building environment

    Automatic heating resin tank

    Air filtration Build-in air filter in building chamber



    7’’ touchscreen



    USB2.0, Wi-Fi(2.4GHz),Ethernet


    100~240 VAC50/60Hz

    Rated power

    250 W


    Large build volume: As a professional-grade desktop 3D printer, our product has a large build volume of 192*120*200mm with remarkable throughput in a small footprint. And our equipment can up to 24 arches for high performance.

    High accuracy with 4K resolution HD mono screen: Illumination uniformity can reach 90%, with XY axis precision of 50μm, which guarantees accurate dental applications with high reliability, consistency, and repeatability.

    Maximum speed can up to 3X faster: With printing speed of 1-4s/layer, the device is able to print up to 24 arches within 1hour 20minutes and provide effective 3D manufacturing solution combined with high accuracy.

    Open material system: We are access to the self-developed industry-leading dental materials such as biocompatible materials, and we can work for almost full range of dental applications with 405nm LCD resin, compatible for 3rd party resins.

    Long lifespan up to 2000h: The high luminousness of monochrome LCD screen makes it at least 6 


    8 (3)
    Dental Models
    9 (3)
    Denture Base
    10 (3)
    Dental Trays, Night Guards
    5 (8)
    Removable Die
    6 (6)
    Clear Aligner
    7 (4)
    Crown & Bridge
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